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Honoring Excellence in Nursing Education

Nursing faculty are at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare by developing the nursing workforce of tomorrow. Dedication, expertise, and mentorship constitute the backbone on which future professionals build their careers. At The Nurses Magazine, we acknowledge the significant role that nursing faculty play in molding nursing students as well as in the progress of the nursing profession.

The Nurses Magazine Faculty Award recognizes faculty who demonstrate excellence in the areas of dedication, innovation, and leadership in nursing education. The honor is given to people who are exceptional in motivating and inspiring their students, creating an environment with high standards of nursing education, and improving nursing practice through their valuable work. Through rewarding outstanding instruction in nursing education, we not only encourage others but also consistently maintain a high level of professionalism and excellence in teaching.


Excellence in Teaching Award: Appreciating nursing faculty members for their remarkable teaching skills, excellent class-delivering methods, and dedication to student learning and graduation success.

Mentorship and Leadership Award: Honoring nursing faculty who excel in mentorship, coaching, and management, stimulating the professional growth and development of their students and colleagues.

Research and Scholarship Award: Honoring nursing faculty who participate in the expansion of the nursing knowledge base that relies on research, publications, and scholarship.

Curriculum Development and Innovation Award: Highlighting nursing faculty who innovate in regard to practical curricula, teaching resources, and strategies that increase student engagement, learning, and preparedness for clinical practice.